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Title Format Open seats Maximum time commitment (minutes)* Maximum sessions* Maximum REP Points Cash Award Requirements Description
* Some studies may involve participation over multiple sessions, including screening etc. Not all participants will qualify for all sessions.
Daily diary on romantic relationships and eating Self-guided (online) 90 150 15 4 $15 1, 3, 11 Thank you for your interest in our research! The purpose of this study is to find out more about how romantic relationships affect health behaviors. We are asking you to take part in this study because you are a student at the University of Minnesota, at least 18 years old, proficient in English, and currently in a romantic relationship of more than 6 months. If you choose to be in the study and meet the eligibility requirements, you will be asked to fill out online surveys (5-10 minutes per day) concerning your relationship and your health across 14 days. This research is being conducted by Dr. Jeffry Simpson and Ms. Monique Nakamura of the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. You can contact Monique or Julie at psydailydiary2023@gmail.com for more information and to be sent the initial survey.
Social decision-making under uncertainty 3 Self-guided (online) 88 90 1 3 $0 1, 9 Are you an individual with normal or corrected to normal vision between the ages of 18-80? We are conducting a computer-based research study to investigate how people make decisions under uncertainty. This fully online study is worth one REP point for every 30 minutes of your time. This study will take up to 90 minutes to complete (although generally less than 1 hour), thus each person will receive 3 REP points for their participation.
Evaluating Messages for Volunteer Recruitment Self-guided (online) 198 30 1 1 $0 1 We are conducting an online survey to evaluate messages about volunteering experiences for use in volunteer recruitment. This survey will take no more than 30 minutes of your time and can be completed at your convenience. To participate in this study, you must be 18 years of age or older and located in the United States.
Socializing with Close Others Study Live (in-person or remote) Log in to contact study team 60 2 4 $20 1, 11 Participants will come to the lab for two, short, and lighthearted interactions with each person. Lab visits only take 15 minutes! Participants must be willing to come to 2 separate lab events (1-3 weeks apart), once with a romantic partner and once with a close friend. Both lab visit takes place on the Twin Cities campus and will take no more than 30 minutes to complete. You, your romantic partner, & one of your close friends are eligible to participate if: You are all 18 or older, speak fluent English, you and your romantic partner have been dating for over 6 months and you and your friend have been friends for over 6 months. Payment: $10 (or 2 REP points) per lab visit for each person participating. Interested in participating? For more information, contact: vieth017@umn.edu